The seasons are changing, so why not the drink menu? Welcome fall and winter seasons with a few of our favorite seasonal cocktail creations.

Featured Recipes:

Autumn Fig Sangria

Autumn Fig Sangria Winter Cocktail Recipe
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

If you’re hitting up the holiday party circuit this year, you can’t come empty-handed. Sangria is a simple, foolproof recipe that will help keep the drinks flowing throughout the festivities. Put a fall spin on a Spanish classic with Sugar & Cloth’s Autumn Fig Sangria. This recipe adds fall flair to a fruity favorite with staple ingredients like apple cider and cinnamon sticks.

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Pumpkin and Apple Spice Cocktail

Pumpkin and Apple Spice Cocktail Signature Drinks for Fall and Winter
Photo Courtesy of My Diary of Us

It’s officially fall, and it’s socially acceptable to break out the pumpkin! This Pumpkin and Apple Spice Cocktail makes an excellent recipe for a Thanksgiving gatherings. Stock up on Cathead’s pumpkin spice-flavored vodka and get ready to shake things up.

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Apple Cider Poptail

Apple Cider Poptail Autumn Cocktails to Make a Splash
Photo Courtesy of GoodPop

Want the most Instagram-worthy libations at your next fête? Take a chilly approach to your cocktail menu. GoodPop’s Banana Cinnamon popsicle is a guilt-free treat with only 100 calories. Combine it with apple cider and your favorite whisky or rum in a copper mug. Voila! You’ve concocted an autumn knockout.

Making it a double, double, toil and trouble? For an added touch during Halloween, add dry ice pellets to make it bubble.

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Pumpkin Punch Cocktail Recipe

Pumpkin Punch Cocktail Recipe for Autumn and Winter Weddings

Can you ever have too much pumpkin? Before you call us basic, feast your eyes on this delectable Pumpkin Punch. What’s its secret weapon for being the best pumpkin cocktail in the patch? Persimmon. The native Chinese berry makes a sweet surprise.

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Cinnamon Coffee Martini

Perfect Winter Cocktail Cinnamon Coffee Martini
Photo by Ailee Petrovic

Leave it to Meredith Staggers, photo stylist and lifestyle blogger at Cake & Confetti, to come up with a cocktail recipe that’s almost too cute to eat! This Cinnamon Coffee Martini brings a playful touch to the holidays, making the perfect dessert drink for your guests. Pro tip: hide them from Santa.

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Winter Citrus Sour Cocktail

Winter Citrus Sour Cocktail Recipe
Photo Courtesy of Elle Talk

Add a taste of the South to your winter mixer. This Winter Citrus Sour is made with gin, grapefruit, and lemon. These fruits have a reputation for summer, but they are actually in season now! This classy cocktail would make a great addition to any winter wedding.

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Mulled Wine

The Perfect Fall and Winter Cocktail Recipe for Mulled Wine
Photo Courtesy of My Diary of Us

Sweater weather means one thing to us: Mulled Wine. Grab your favorite bottle of red and get toasty with this winter must-have.

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Kumquat Hot Toddy

The Pinnacle of Fall and Winter Cocktail Recipes The Kumquat Hot Toddy
Photo Courtesy of My Diary of Us

There’s nothing quite as nice as curling up with a Kumquat Hot Toddy when the temperatures dip. This soothing cocktail recipe packs a punch that will keep you warm through the chill. Cookbook author and blogger Leigh Ann Chatagnier even uses this crafty cocktail when she’s beating a seasonal cold.

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White Christmas Cocktail

Creme de Cacao and More the White Christmas Cocktail Recipe for Winter Events

Cue the holiday music—we’re dreaming of this White Christmas cocktail. This pleasant dessert drink features white crème de cacao, almond liquor and vodka. Let it snow by sprinkling grated white chocolate on top of this picture-perfect pour. If this doesn’t say “picture-perfect, winter wedding,” what does?

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Yuletide Grog

Photo Courtesy of Elle Talk

Kick off your holiday party with Elle Talk’s pre-dinner Port drink, the Yuletide Grog. This jolly drink is easy to make, but your guests don’t need to know that!

Get the recipe here.

We hope these winter cocktail recipes have piqued your interest. We’re sure these drink recipes will bring rave reviews at any fall or winter party. Who knows? You might just find your new signature cocktail in the mix.