From family gatherings to important holidays, a table is the stage for some of life’s most important moments. An elegant tablescape can speak volumes and set the tone for your entire event. Elevate your table décor with the help of an expert. We sat down with Lauren Braud, the founder and interior designer behind Lauren Louise Design, to learn five essential ways to create a dreamy tablescape.

Five Ways to Create a Dreamy Tablescape

Lauren Braud’s Five Ways:

It’s All About Texture

Textures in Event’s Tablescape

One simple and effective way to elevate an event’s tablescape is to add a variety of textures. “From the florals to the table surface to the linens, layer in contrasting textures throughout your tablescape for a collected and rich look,” says Braud. Mixing lightweight, airy fabrics with heftier textiles is one way to achieve a stunning contrast in texture.

Vary the Heights

Vary the Heights of Your Tablescape

Don’t be afraid to play with height to add a new dynamic to your tablescape. Whether your event is brimming with lofty floral centerpieces or lit with an elegant candelabra, varying dimensions will make the tables a true focal point at your party. “Just keep in mind everyone’s eye level—you want to be able to see, and talk to, the person across from you,” reminds Braud.

Playing with height doesn’t always mean breaking your budget. “A simple mix of taper candles and smaller tea lights can be just as impactful—if not more—than a huge floral arrangement,” she shares.

Bring Back Old World Charm

Bring Back Old World Charm

As a designer, Braud rarely passes up the opportunity to incorporate antique enchantment into her table décor. Think well-lived items like vintage glassware, aged brass, or worn wooden tables. These timeworn-yet-timeless elements “evoke the feelings of warmth and comfort associated with eating a meal at a loved one’s dinner table,” she says.

Know Your Place

Welcome your guests with heartfelt personalization

Don’t miss the opportunity to wow your guests with heartfelt personalization. Whether printed or handmade, that little piece of paper can help your guests feel comfortable. “Place cards are an incredibly gracious detail that makes people feel thought of, welcome, and at ease,” Braud admits.

Not only are place cards an excellent opportunity to welcome your guests in an elegant way, but they also eliminate the chaos. No guest wants to play musical chairs and vie for dwindling seats at an event with no seating chart. Keep guests assured and impressed with place cards.

Dare to Be Different

Dare to be different at designing your tablescape

What’s the most unique table setting you’ve ever seen? If you remember it, there’s a reason. Braud advises that bold and unconventional choices can leave a lasting impression. “Add something unexpected: interesting grasses or leaves in your floral arrangements, leather napkin rings, unusually shaped or colored silverware,” she muses.

Challenge yourself to dissect the expected pieces of a tablescape, and turn the mundane into magnificence. Don’t be afraid to play with color and unique items. “I once saw someone use a huge banana leaf as a placemat! Think outside the box,” Braud encourages.

No matter what type of event or party you’re planning, a table is meant to be the gathering place for meaningful conversation. Use your celebration’s tablescape to create memories and set the tone for your special occasion.