Another year, another prism of color trends to admire. If there’s one thing to consider when planning your event, it’s the color palette. Color plays an integral role in setting the mood at your special event. Every celebration has a desired mood, and your color selections can help your overall message sink or swim. 

Have you ever caught yourself looking at a bluish wall and feeling calm and collected? Or perhaps you find yourself staring at a bright red curtain, feeling on edge and tense. Color psychology represents the idea that colors can have a significant impact on mood and experience, which is why your event color is an essential key to your party’s success. 

“Color is everything to an event! It brings ideas together and creates a uniformity that the eye can bounce off of and the guest can instantly make connections. It’s like discovering a little treat every step of the way,” shares founder of A Fare Extraordinaire, Rachael Volz. “Color also can evoke certain emotions and feelings, which is something we always want to impart during an event,” she continues.

With millions of colors at your disposal to choose, picking a color for your event can feel overwhelming. To help you find your perfect palette, we’re highlighting our top event color trends for 2020. 

Top Event Colors

Classic Blue

The team at the PANTONE Color Institute prides itself on being the authority on color trends. This year, PANTONE crowned PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue the Color of the Year. “Suggestive of the sky at dusk, the reassuring qualities of the thought-provoking PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue highlight our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era,” the Pantone announcement states. If you’re looking for an event color that’s effortlessly comforting and uplifting, give this blue a whirl. 

Capturing confidence and elegance, classic blue is an undeniable event color trend that’s both tranquil and timeless. We adore this bold color choice in invitations, table settings, place cards, linens, and even projection mapping. We’re entranced by “Submerge,”  a limited 18-day immersive installation by PANTONE at Artechhouse in New York City.

Neo Mint

Are you looking for a (minty) fresh approach to event design? Look no further than mint. The playful, festive green-hue is a fun color pop for those who love pastels. According to Dezeen, WGSN has coined “neo mint” as a top color trend for 2020, and we believe them. The color is “an oxygenating, fresh tone that aligns science and technology with nature,” states the trend forecaster. Neo mint blends futuristic technology with nature, making it a befitting color for educational workshops and conferences. 

Create & Cultivate, the wildly popular workshop series for women entrepreneurs and content creators, successfully used neo mint as a backdrop for one of its inspirational summits. The color helped fuel the event’s overall vibe and exuded energetic confidence and savviness. This event color trend will be a coveted one in the months to come! 

Dark Teal 

Planned With coordinates Sweetgreen Montrose Houston opening, incorporating Dark Teal, a Top Event Color Trends of 2020.

Photo by Trish Badger 

Dark teal has been hailed as a major love in the world of interior design. Elle Decor and Italian Bark both celebrate the color as a top hue for 2020 palettes. Don’t be fooled; this color is a smash hit for your event, too. The strong blue-green “can be uplifting, energetic, optimistic, unique, and even calming,” notes Italian Bark

Dark teal also evokes creativity and nature, which is why the hue made a perfect accent at the grand opening of Sweetgreen in Montrose. Inspired by Sweetgreen’s teal logo, our founder Emily Rudelson knew she wanted to incorporate the powerful color to celebrate the much-anticipated restaurant opening. Rudelson brought in the creative minds at Smilebooth to create a festive, tropical photo backdrop adorned with blue-green palm leaves. Guests didn’t hesitate to snap pictures in front of the lush, vibrant setup! 


Cassis is hands down one of our favorite event color trends to crush on in 2020. The color is a deep fusion of purple and pink, making it a lively option for an upscale evening party or luxurious event. calls cassis a nod to royalty and magnificence; purple was once a difficult color to produce using dyes in earlier centuries, making it highly exclusive. Cassis is no longer a hierarchically-limited hue but a rich color that makes an impact in any environment. 

Inside the SAG Awards after-party, cassis was used to light up chic lounge couches and picturesque cherry blossom trees. The color illuminated the room, popping vibrantly off of the white furniture and trees. 


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All of our earthy adorations come true with the renaissance of terracotta. The ancient building material, which translates in Latin to “baked earth,” is a soulful hue that encapsulates antique beauty and a deep sense of peace. We’ve all fallen in love with the natural, worldly charm of terracotta accents in home decor and architecture. 

Have you ever thought of expanding terracotta’s capabilities to more than the expected clay vase? We certainly have! Enter: terracotta event decor. Incorporating vases, plates, and place cards are a beautiful way to incorporate nature into a special event.  


Love a sweet surprise? Prepare for warm toffee hues to take over in 2020. Rebekah Johnson, one of Houston’s top florists and owner of Bergner and Johnson Design, has noticed a surge in popularity for the cozy colors. “Cappuccinos, toffees and muted shades like mauve are making a comeback,” shares Johnson. Toffee-colored roses have been taking over floral arrangements and wedding bouquets, making a distinguishable mark on the industry as one of the top event color trends. 


Moody and mystic, sangria is an intoxicating event color trend for 2020. The deep hue is more muted than your traditional red, making it a formidable force for fall and winter 2020 events—sangria pairs stunningly with blush, gray, and beige tones. 

Golden Yellow

Golden yellow ruled the runways in 2019, but in 2020 it’s all about the event spaces. The marigold-hue will leave your event guests with a sunny disposition. The bright, cheerful color stands out in table settings, photo booths, and cocktail concoctions alike. Golden yellow also plays well with gold flatware, vases, and candelabras. If your goal is to create a positive event that will leave a lasting glow on your guests, golden yellow is the hue for you. 

We hope this handy list of top event color trends helps you find your favorite new shade. Which color from the list is your favorite?