Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting experiences in a person’s life, but it comes with a price tag. Tying the knot doesn’t mean tying yourself down with debt. Plan a budget-conscious wedding without the price tag by employing our ten money saving tips.

Money Saving Tips for a Budget-Conscious Wedding

10 Money Saving Tips:

Trim Your Guest List to the True VIPs

Your upcoming nuptials are an exciting time to spend with your closest family and friends. Do you really want your mother-in-law’s childhood neighbor to be the first face you see in the crowd after saying “I do”? Trim your guest list to your closest friends and family to keep the cost curbed and save money.

Make a Close Friend of Family Member Your Officiant

There are few moments as important as walking down the aisle. Make the occasion even more meaningful by inviting a best friend or family member to officiate your wedding. Officiants can run up to $300, so enlisting a charismatic loved one to become ordained online or in your state of residence for less is an instant win on multiple fronts.

Dare to DIY Your Own Invitations and Party Favors

Use your wedding day to learn a new skill. Binge YouTube tutorials to craft the perfect centerpiece or sign up for a local calligraphy class to DIY your invitations. Don’t fret if your script isn’t stellar by the time of your big day; there are always sites like Minted to save costs on your paper goods. Budget centerpieces can look phenomenal.

Create an RSVP Wedding Website to Save on Postage

Want to be environmentally friendly and save on postage simultaneous? Sites like Paperless Post and Evite are great resources to create impeccably-designed online invitations. Snag those digital RSVPs, save money in your budget and feel good in the process.

Embrace “Something Borrowed”

Who said you could only have one “something borrowed”? Use second-hand materials from friends who wedded in the past so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel on your own big day.

Skim Resale Sites for Used Wedding Decor

Facebook Marketplace and other local online groups are great destinations for wedding décor. Someone’s past can be your (money-saving) present if you look in the right places.  

Create a Honeyfund to Fund Your Honeymoon

How often do you hear of brides and grooms getting everything but what they put on their registry? Save yourself from the pile of sterling silver frames you have no room for and ask for the most impactful gift you can. Honeyfundallows guests to contribute money to your honeymoon by creating a travel registry. From island excursions to couples’ massages, allow your guests to give you adventure and relaxation that can’t be re-gifted.  

Plan Your Wedding at an Unconventional Time

Sandwiched conveniently in the middle of your weekend, it’s no surprise that Saturday is the most popular day for a wedding. This surge of popularity also makes Saturday the most expensive day of the week to wed on. Save money on your nuptials by picking an offbeat weeknight or Sunday wedding.

Use What You Have

Have beautiful mason jars or vases? Mix and match your centerpieces by giving your florist options to use rather than having to rent or purchase your own. Playing with variety will make for interesting tablescapes within your budget.

Develop a Signature Cocktail

Wine and beer are always crowd-pleasers, but a signature cocktail menu will wow your guests while cutting costs. Save money on the open bar by creating one or two special drinks that share a story about your relationship. From the name to the ingredients, a signature cocktail is a chance to personalize your reception and create a conversation starter.