As the adage goes, food is the way to the heart. One of the most important elements of an event is its menu. When your guests are fed, they’re undoubtedly happy. Add comfort, intrigue, and creativity to your event by diversifying your appetizers. From seasonal spices to unique twists on classic ingredients, Houston’s catering companies and restaurants have delightful and delectable dishes to fulfill your guests’ cravings. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite appetizers to add to your event menu.

Must-Try Appetizers

Okonomiyaki from Benjy’s

With Houston holding steady to its title of most diverse city in the U.S., it’s no surprise our cuisine is dripping with multicultural influences. Inspired by the rich flavors of Japanese cuisine, Benjy’s incorporates Eastern culture into its menu. Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake dish that’s traditional in Japanese culture. The name is derived from the word okonomi, which means “what you like,” and yaki, meaning “cooked.” Benjy’s puts a fresh spin on the cultural dish by topping the pancake with smoked salmon.


2424 Dunstan Rd, Houston, TX 77005

(713) 522-7602

Pelmeni Dumplings from The Classic

A chic dinner-style concept from the founders of Benjy’s, Washington Corridor’s The Classic is a hit amongst young professionals and brunch lovers, alike. Did you know The Classic also has private event options? Of the bevy of sharable starters, the Pelmeni Dumplings offer explosive flavors that will keep guests talking. The bite-sized crowd-pleasers include mushroom, dill, rye, hazelnuts, and crème fraiche in an Asian-inspired dumpling.

The Classic

5922 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX 77007

(713) 868-1131

Grazing Table from BITES HTX

Charcuterie platters are having a big moment in the event space. From stylized Instagram accounts to write-ups in the nation’s best wedding magazines, grazing tables are turning up in high-profile parties everywhere. Elevate your typical charcuterie board with an expansive grazing table for your next large-scale event.

Fit to feed large parties, BITES HTX’s grazing table spreads are an impressive statement that will keep your guests snacking and satisfied throughout the festivities. The customizable boards are created to your liking and dietary preferences, with options for heaps of delectable cheeses, artisan bread, fresh fruit, and meats. The low-maintenance catering concept also allows guests to feast while also serving themselves, cutting out the need for multiple servers. If you’re looking to make a statement that will last through the night, opt for an abundant grazing table.


Croquetas de Txipiron from MAD Houston

The key to a successful event menu is unconventional comfort food. Nutmeg is a favored spice used in mulled wine and seasonal baked goods. While we’d never think to pair nutmeg with squid, the brilliant chefs at MAD Houston dreamed up a delicious and refreshing dish we love. The River Oaks restaurant created the Croquetas de Txipiron, a surprising and delightful concoction that pairs baby squid croquettes with nutmeg aioli. If your guests love seafood and fresh flavors, this dish will surely be a favorite.


4444 Westheimer Road Suite C180, Houston, TX 77027

(281) 888-2770

Petite Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits from A Fare Extraordinaire

What’s a party in Texas without a taste of the South? A Fare Extraordinaire, H-town’s luxury catering company, knows how to design a seasonally-inspired menu for any fete. The Petite Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits are packed with flavor the size of our Texas pride. Lone Star-loving guests will fall for the crispy buttermilk fried chicken and sweet honey butter with buttermilk biscuits. The biscuits also pair well with a variety of libations like beer or liquor, making them the perfect late-night treat.

A Fare Extraordinaire

7122 Old Katy Rd. Houston, TX 77024

(713) 527-8288

Strawberry Brie Bites from Houston Catering Concepts

What sounds more delicious than a perfectly-toasted sliced baguette smothered with soft brie? Top with a sweet strawberry slice and drizzled with honey, this appetizer is the perfect bite-sized burst of flavor. When it comes to event appetizers to wow your crowd, Houston Catering Concept’s strawberry brie bites are a delightful hit.

Houston Catering Concepts

219 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006


Feta Stuffed Dates at Phoenicia Specialty Foods

What could be better than a sweet treat? Something sweet and healthy, of course. Phoenicia Specialty Foods, Houston’s favorite purveyor of unique ingredients and rare goods, carries more than 15,000 products with down-to-earth pricing from more than 50 countries! The impressive outpost for international, high-quality goods is a go-to for Houstonians looking to elevate their pantry. Aside from grocery offerings, Phoenicia Specialty Foods also caters events and holiday parties. The food market has a bevy of exciting appetizers, but one that leaps from its menu is the feta stuffed date. The salty-sweet flavor profile will satisfy the cravings of all your guests!

Phoenicia Specialty Foods

12141 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77077

(281) 558-8225

Pancetta Crisps from A La Carte Catering

Pancetta Crisps from A La Carte Catering - Best Winter Appetizers in Houston

Houston catering company, A La Carte, has been serving up sweet sensations since 2010. The delectable Pancetta crisps feature flavorful baked pancetta topped with whipped goat cheese and fresh thyme, then garnished with a thin slice of green pear for crunch, and drizzled with dark Texas honey. “It’s a one-bite flavor bomb of salty, sweet, creamy and crunchy,” says founder Laura McAdams. This refreshing dish borders on savory and sweet, making it an ideal appetizer for your event’s menu.

A La Carte Catering

205 West Crosstimbers, Houston, TX 77018

(281) 408-4112